From Seed to cup

Menehune Coffee Company is a Hawaiian family owned and operated business on the Island of Hawaii which was founded in the heart of Captain Cook in 2012. Now with over 200 acres of prime estate, we’re able to provide our clients with our district’s world-famous Kona Coffee accompanied by the aloha spirit in every transaction. With an emphasis in quality and the utmost respect for our product, we roast and package every batch of beans with care and precision directly off of our farms, right here in Kona.

To assure the finest quality coffee available Menehune Coffee Company controls every aspect of the coffee operation, from nursing the baby coffee trees and developing our orchards, to milling and roasting Kona Coffee We have a dedicated orchard maintenance team that works hard to make sure every one of our trees are taken care of perfectly. We harvest every single bean by hand to ensure that we only get the perfectly ripe red beans for processing. We are passionate about Kona Coffee.

Our goal is to provide everyone from our lively locals to our inquisitive visitors the opportunity to have a little taste of aloha whether they pick up a freshly curated coffee from our business or make their own from the comfort of their home.
We hope that you will embark on this journey with us in spreading aloha through one of our states most distinguished and successful commodities – Kona Coffee

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