Evolution of Kona

The Land is Cultivated

On the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii along the sun-kissed slopes lies the world-class Kona coffee region known as the Kona Coffee Belt. The Kona Coffee Belt is renowned for producing some of the most exceptional coffee beans you can get. The Kona Coffee Belt boasts a microclimate unlike any other, with the perfect balance of rainfall, sunshine, and volcanic soil. This ideal environment nurtures coffee trees to perfection, resulting in beans with unparalleled flavor, complexity, and depth.

Seedlings are Planted in the Nursery

Every cup of Kona coffee begins with the careful selection of the finest coffee seeds straight from our top-tier matured Kona Coffee trees. These seeds are taken into the care of our experienced farmers and handled with unwavering care and attention to detail at our nursery.
Within our nursery, we create the perfect environment for our coffee seedlings to thrive. From ample sunlight to nutrient-rich soil, every element is fine-tuned to support the optimal growth and robust development of the next generation of our Kona Coffee trees.

Baby Trees are Planted in the Orchard

At our Kona Coffee Orchard, the journey begins with the tender care of our baby coffee trees. Previously selected from the finest seeds and nurtured with expert care, these seedlings are planted with precision and purpose. Each tree represents a promise of future harvests. To mature into full-fledged Kona Coffee trees, these seedlings are rooted in the rich volcanic soil and bathed in warm Hawaiian sun. As they take root in our orchard, they embody the legacy of Kona Coffee, destined to flourish and bear fruit in three years, and for generations to come.

The Kona Cherries are Harvested

In our renowned Kona Coffee region, harvesting is a labor of love and attention to detail. As our coffee cherries ripen to a vibrant red hue, skilled pickers meticulously hand-select each ripe Kona coffee cherry, ensuring that each bean is at its peak flavor before making its way to processing. With careful precision and respect for the natural rhythms of the biological processes unfolding, the harvest unfolds. The coffee cherries will ripen at different stages so our skilled farmers will revisit trees to ensure that each bean is given the time it needs to ripen to peak perfection. From our luscious orchards to your cup, each step of the harvesting process embodies the essence of the tradition that defines Kona Coffee.

Raw Beans are Milled

In the milling stage of Kona Coffee, the freshly harvested cherries undergo meticulous processing to reveal and ready the prized beans for roasting.

First, the cherries are sorted to remove any debris or imperfect fruits. Next, they are pulped to remove the outer layer of skin/husk and extract only the beans which are then fermented to remove the mucilage (sugars surrounding the bean). After thorough washing, the beans are slow-dried to the perfect moisture content, enhancing their flavor and aroma. Finally, they are hulled to remove the parchment layer, revealing the smooth, polished beans.


In the sorting stage of Kona Coffee, the green beans are carefully sorted in size and then by weight. This process helps with the strict requirements set forth by the US Department of Agriculture to certify 100% Kona green coffee.


In the art of roasting Kona Coffee, precision and expertise are paramount. First, the carefully selected green beans are loaded into the roaster where they undergo a carefully controlled heating process. As the beans begin to slow-roast, they undergo chemical changes that transform their flavor, aroma, and color. Our skilled roastmasters monitor the process closely, adjusting the temperature and airflow to achieve the desired roast. Finally, the freshly roasted beans are cooled and packaged, ready to deliver the rich and complex flavors that make Kona Coffee is truly exceptional.

…and Bagged

After the roasting process, Kona Coffee beans are carefully packaged to preserve their freshness and flavor. After cooling, the freshly roasted beans are sealed in airtight bags with one-way valves to release any remaining CO2 (a bi-product of roasting). This protects the beans from exposure to oxygen, moisture, and light, which can degrade their quality.

Fresh Kona Coffee

In conclusion, the journey of Kona Coffee from seed to cup is a true testament to the dedication, expertise, and passion of all those involved in its production. From the fertile volcanic slopes of the Big Island where the coffee trees bask in the perfect blend of sunshine, to the skilled hands that carefully harvest, process, roast, and package the beans, every step is guided by a commitment to excellence. The result is a premium coffee unlike any other, renowned for its rich flavor, smooth texture, and distinguished aroma. With each sip, Kona Coffee offers a taste of paradise, embodying the spirit of aloha and the legacy of Kona’s rich heritage.