Kona Coffee Roasting Tips

If your coffee tastes are refined and you’re particular about the flavor and fresh taste of your coffee (we are!), roasting your own coffee is the way to go. Here are some tips to make the best of your Menehune green coffee.

Storage (green)

Breathable storage containers or bags are the best for storing green beans, since they keep the beans from fermenting over time. Also, green beans can absorb strong aromas that are in the vicinity, so store them away from spices or other strong-smelling items in your kitchen.


Coffee beans hit their peak in flavor within 24 to 72 hours after roasting, so it’s best to roast in small quantities, only what you need for the next couple days.

Keep a roasting log

If you find a roast or method that you like, write it down so you can replicate and improve on it, but mostly so you don’t forget it! Same goes for methods that turned out horribly — make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes.