Brewing Tips

You’re already on the right track to a great cup of coffee by starting with Menehune Coffee Company’s 100% Kona beans. Kona coffee is known worldwide for its excellent balance of flavor and aroma, and we take extra special care to make sure it maintains that superior taste every step of the way, from the trees to your home.

We’ve done our part, so now it’s up to you to be mindful of the way you brew our special beans and make your morning cup even more enjoyable.


Keep your brewing equipment clean. Any sediment or old coffee grounds will affect the flavor of your coffee in a bad way.


Always keep your coffee in an AIRTIGHT container, away from direct sunlight. Moisture and air are what degrade fresh beans and ground coffee, and freezing and re-freezing can dehydrate the beans, so only open about a week’s worth at a time if you can help it. Coffee tastes best immediately after being ground, so only grind as much as you need for the day.


Choosing your type of grind will depend on how you brew — blade grinders are suitable for drip coffee and french press, and other methods that call for a coarse grind, but if you want precision, or an finer, even grind (for espresso or turkish methods), we recommend a nice burr grinder.

Once ground, coffee deteriorates FAST. Only grind what you need for the day, and if you have extra, keep it in an airtight container away from sunlight.


Since coffee is mostly water, only use water that tastes good. This could be filtered, bottled or tap, whatever you’d enjoy drinking by itself.

Measure it

2 level tablespoons of ground coffee for each cup (6oz.) of water is a good starting point, but everyone’s tastes are different. Find a ratio that you like and stick with it.

Drink it

Coffee tastes its best right after being brewed. Don’t let your brewed coffee sit on the heating element if you’re using a drip machine, as it will develop a burnt flavor from being constantly cooked. Even an hour or two after it’s brewed, coffee starts to get stale and loses its flavor.

Try using a good thermal mug or carafe if you’re not going to drink it right away (some drip coffee makers even come with thermal carafes, and don’t bother with the heating element).